Homeowners Can Avoid Major Garden City Air Conditioner Repairs

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your home is at a comfortable temperature all year long. Since Garden City, New York is located in the north east of the United States; it isn’t always as hot as other parts of the country. However, for a few weeks during the dead of the summer, the weather can get uncomfortable. When this happens, you don’t want your home to suffer from a heatstroke. Instead, you can make sure that your air conditioner is fully functional and ready to keep your family cool.

An air conditioner is going to need minor repairs from time to time, but it is the major repairs that you want to avoid. There are several different ways homeowners can avoid major Garden City air conditioner repairs.

Regular Maintenance and Yearly Tune-Ups

You wouldn’t drive you car around all year without getting the oil changed at least two times. It is the same principal when it comes to air conditioners. An air conditioner requires yearly tune-ups and regular maintenance to avoid major Garden City air conditioner repairs. If you want to get the best performance possible from your cooling system, a regular tune-up is the best way to achieve it.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

When you want to distribute air throughout your entire house, you turn on your air conditioner. Air is then cooled and pushed through your home through your air ducts. The air ducts of your air conditioner distribute air to the different rooms in your house. If these air ducts are dirty or blocked, you can lose air conditioner efficiency. Not to mention, objects and other obstructions can block your air flow, which can result in major Garden City air conditioner repairs. You should also change your air filters once everything three month to keep your home and your system cleaner.

Circulate Your Air

When you want to keep your home cool, one of the best ways you can do that is to circulate the cool air that’s already in it. A ceiling fan can help you with air circulation, and it can reduce your dependency on your air conditioner. It is bad for your entire cooling system to be running constantly. If you think you are going to be located in one particular room in your house for most of the day, it is a smart idea to block off this room and use a ceiling fan to keep it cool. This way you are not over using your air conditioner when it is not necessary.


The bathroom and kitchen of your home can be a large source of heat. This is especially true if you take long, hot showers or spend most of your day cooking meals. In these rooms, it is important that you have several windows and ventilation fans. This will help you move hot air from inside your home to the outdoors. This will allow your home to cool faster, and it will give your air conditioner a bit of a break.

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