Most Common Bellmore Air Conditioning Repairs

While New York weather isn’t always the hottest in the country, the residents of Bellmore are no stranger to the heat. When the hot days roll in you want to make sure that your home is not affected. Keeping your home comfortable, even during the hottest days, can be a great challenge.

Thankfully, most Bellmore homes come equipped with a central air conditioning system. An air conditioner is a great way to keep your family comfortable throughout the entire summer. However, you need to make sure that your air conditioner is functioning correctly before the hot weather hits.

Here are some tips for telling if your Bellmore air conditioning is malfunctioning

5 Tips for Inspecting your Air Conditioning System

1.)    Inspect your entire air conditioning system (inside and outside) – inspecting your unit regularly could help you avoid major air conditioning malfunctions.

2.)    Look for leaks – Just like in a car, the air conditioning system in your home can spring leaks with the refrigerant. A leak will cause major issues within your cooling system.

3.)    Check For Cracks – You should inspect your unit for any signs of cracks or broken sealants around the furnace or air conditioning system.

4.)    Examine Outdoor Unit – it is important to examine your outdoor unit regularly for fallen debris, grass or other outdoor items that might have fallen into the system.

5.)    Clean Or Replace Filters – A dirty air filter can contain obstructions that will stop your air from flowing regularly. Cleaning or completely replacing your air conditioner filters will keep your air conditioner running all summer long.

Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

When it comes to the air conditioning system in your Bellmore home, you have to be on the lookout for any signs of malfunctions. While each air conditioning system is unique to a home, they all function and malfunction on the same principal. Therefore, here are the most common air conditioning repair problems within a system.

  • Refrigerant leaks – Without refrigerant, the air blowing out of your air conditioner would not be cold. Since refrigerant is such an important part of your cooling system, when you system springs a leak in the holding cell, there is going to major damages to your entire cooling system.
  • Electric control failure – An air conditioner is like every other large appliance in your home in the sense that it runs off of electricity.  This means your air conditioner has major electrical wires and electrical cords running through them. If there is a problem with this wiring, the results could be harmful for your cooling system and dangerous to your home and family.
  • Sensor issues – A sensor is used in your air conditioner to determine the temperature of a room. If the sensor misread the temperature in the room, the air conditioner may not turn on at the correct moment.
  • Drainage – Drainage can be a problem for several areas in your house that do not involve your plumbing. One of them is your air conditioner. When it is humid outside, the condensation drain in your air conditioner can become clogged.

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