5 Common Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs

Proper maintenance is a key part of keeping your home’s furnace working when you need it the most. Unfortunately, like all appliances, even a high-quality, well-maintained furnace can still break down occasionally. Even with regular tune-ups from your local Long Island HVAC specialist, your furnace could still stop working correctly for any of a number of reasons. The need for furnace repairs can often arise from problems with the many complex internal parts, like fan belts and motors, which a trained HVAC technician understands and knows how to fix. Even if your furnace hasn’t stopped working completely, there are a number of problems that may still need professional furnace repairs.

  • Your heating bill keeps going up, even though you’re not using any more energy than usual. As your furnace ages, it loses much of its efficiency. In fact, an older furnace might only be 60% as efficient as it once was. This means that it takes more energy for your furnace to heat your house effectively, which will be reflected on your gas bill or electricity bill. Furnace repairs can sometimes correct whatever problem is interfering with your furnace’s efficiency, so a sudden spike in your heating costs may be a reason to call a Long Island HVAC specialist to come take a look at your unit.
  • Your furnace is making weird or unusual noises. Strange noises are almost always a sign that something’s wrong with your furnace. Creaking, squeaking, rattling, groaning, hissing, and other sounds often mean something is going wrong with your furnace’s motors, fan belts, or blower wheels, or that there might be an air leak. The particular noises it’s making can vary according to what’s malfunctioning, so the sounds can actually sometimes help an HVAC professional to determine what’s wrong with your furnace and how to fix it.
  • You’re family has been experiencing more problems with allergies, asthma attacks, respiratory illnesses, and other health problems recently. When something is wrong with your furnace, it can impact the air quality in your home. Poor air quality is a common contributor to many health problems, as it causes you to breathe in dust and other materials that get into your lungs and throat. If it seems like everyone’s allergies are flaring up lately, talk to an HVAC specialists about furnace repairs.
  • Your home is heating unevenly. If it seems like some rooms are always warmer or colder than others, a problem with your furnace could be to blame.
  • Your gas furnace is cycling on and off more frequently than usual. If you have a gas-powered furnace and your heating cycls are consistently too short, this is often a sign that you may need heating repairs.

If you’ve been noticing any of these problems in your home, then you probably need furnace repairs- even if your furnace hasn’t yet stopped running completely. It’s often a good idea to take action soon and call your trusted HVAC company as soon as possible, to that you can avoid the discomfort of a cold house and a completely nonfunctioning furnace.

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