The benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is very different from forced air heating. Basically, instead of heating the air by forcing warm air into a room a radiant heater radiates heat from the source through infrared light rays. In air blown heating, heat is circulated only through the air.

Radiant heat will heat any object it is traveling through while forced air heating only heats the air and then if enough heat is left over it heats the surface layer of objects. This is why radiant heat feels warmer than forced air heating.

And, this is why so many people choose radiant heating systems over forced air heating systems in very cold climates. It’s more efficient and simply feels better.

Types of Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems come in a variety of forms. One of the oldest types is the campfire. Fireplaces and later house stoves were constructed as radiant heat sources.

The old, cast-iron wood-burning pot-bellied stove was very common in the mid-19th century as an improved stove for cooking and heating water.

Modern wood burning stoves are generally fitted with gas fittings for easy ignition. Gas only stoves and fireplaces are radiant heating systems as well.

However, the best type of radiant heating systems you can find today are in-wall or floor radiant heating systems.

In-Wall Radiant Heating Systems

An in-wall radiant heating system is great for new construction or home additions. They are installed as panels within the wall or ceiling of a home.

In-wall radiant heating systems offer a number of advantages including energy efficiency. There is no air duct heat loss. Also, there is no circulation of allergens or dust into or around the home.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Imagine stepping onto the floor after a cold night to find the floor nice and warm instead of freezing cold. Radiant floor heating systems offer this type of heat for a home.

They can be installed by a Long Island HVAC Contractor during remodeling, another benefit, and take up little space to install. Since heat travels upward, all objects in the room are heated evenly.

One different heating system to consider is the convection heating systems which use a fan system that can distribute the heat energy throughout the room.

The heat is generated by a heating element and then air is blown over the element. This offers the double benefit of heating objects as well as quickly heating the air in a room because they also have fins that distribute heat energy.

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